Interface DatastoreId

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DatastoreIdImpl, DatastoreIdImplKodo, DatastoreIdImplXcalia, DatastoreUniqueLongId

    public interface DatastoreId
    Interface for a datastore-identity class to implement. Please refer to the JDO specification 5.4.3 for precise requirements of such a class. These include
    • Has to implement Serializable
    • Serializable fields have to be public
    • Has to have a constructor taking a String (the same String that toString() returns)
    • Method Detail

      • getKeyAsObject

        Object getKeyAsObject()
        Provides the identity in a form that can be used by the database as a key.
        The key value
      • getTargetClassName

        String getTargetClassName()
        Accessor for the target class name for the persistable object this represents.
        the class name of the persistable
      • toString

        String toString()
        Returns the string representation of the identity. The string representation should contain enough information to be usable as input to a String constructor to create the identity.
        toString in class Object
        the string representation of the identity.