Package Description
This package provides classes that are typically externally called, whether that means by developers or by other DataNucleus plugins.
Provides adapters for different client APIs, like JDO, JPA and so on.
This package provides classes implementing L1/L2 persistable object caching within DataNucleus.
DataNucleus ByteCode enhancement contract.
DataNucleus ByteCode enhancer framework.
ASM : a small and fast bytecode manipulation framework.
Method enhancements for supporting the org.datanucleus.enhancement.Persistable bytecode enhancement contract.
This package provides exceptions thrown by the core (client-facing) parts of DataNucleus.
This package provides classes managing the flush process when using MANUAL flush.
Package defining object identity classes.
This package provides classes for management/monitoring of DataNucleus enabled applications via API or JMX.
Provides classes representing the MetaData for files, packages, classes, fields, containers, etc.
Provides classes for parsing annotations input data and converting into org.datanucleus.metadata input data for the DataNucleus persistence process.
Provides classes for parsing XML metadata input data and converting into org.datanucleus.metadata input data for the DataNucleus persistence process.
Package providing the plugin mechanism utilised by DataNucleus.
Package providing handling for persistence properties, and in particular the validation of valid values.
Provides classes relating to the life cycle state management of a persistable object.
Package handling the storage of classes to the datastore, and the management of the datastore.
Package providing the structure and some implementation for the auto-start mechanism.
Package defining the connection to the datastore.
Package providing management for federation of datastores.
Package providing managers for fields which give a mechanism for navigating through fields of a class and performing operations based on the type of the field.
Package providing query language support for datastores.
Package providing definition of caching for queries.
Package handling the (generic) compilation of queries.
Package providing expressions from which a (generically) compiled query is made up.
Package providing the evaluation of queries using an in-memory process with evaluators for JDOQL and JPQL.
Package providing the evaluation of Java methods/functions for use by JDOQL/JPQL in-memory query evaluators.
Package defining the data structure mechanism for the schema of the datastore.
This package is a work-in-progress to provide datastore-agnostic naming strategies for JDO, JPA and indeed any other API.
Provides a series of convenience classes for modelling tables and columns that a class and its members map onto.
Package providing basic java type handling for DataNucleus.
Package providing classes for supporting use of containers (collection, map, array) in DataNucleus.
Package providing type conversion for member types, using the interface TypeConverter allowing conversion between some member Java type, and a Java type suitable for persistence in the datastore.
Package providing backing store definitions for (SCO) types that need a backing store.
Provides implementations of the "simple" wrappers for the mutable Second Class Objects (SCO's) supported by DataNucleus, so that we can intercept calls that will mutate the object.
Provides implementations of the "backed" wrappers for the mutable Second Class Objects (SCO's) that are supported.
Value Generation.
Package providing support specific to transactions for DataNucleus.
Package providing handlers for JTA transactions
Provides utility classes used in the implementation that don't fit in a particular functional part of the system.