Interface AnnotationReader

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    public interface AnnotationReader
    Interface defining the access to MetaData derived from Annotations. An annotation reader supports particular annotations packages.
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      • getSupportedAnnotationPackages

        String[] getSupportedAnnotationPackages()
        Accessor for the annotations packages supported by this reader.
        The annotations packages that will be processed.
      • getMetaDataForClass

        AbstractClassMetaData getMetaDataForClass​(Class cls,
                                                  PackageMetaData pmd,
                                                  ClassLoaderResolver clr)
        Method to get the MetaData for a class from its annotations.
        cls - The class
        pmd - MetaData for the owning package (that this will be a child of)
        clr - ClassLoader resolver
        The ClassMetaData (unpopulated and uninitialised)
      • isPersistenceContext

        boolean isPersistenceContext()
        Method to return whether this is reading in a persistence context.
        Whether this is a persistence context