Class StoreData

  • public class StoreData
    extends Object
    Basic store information about an object that is stored in a datastore. Can be a class or member.
    • Field Detail

      • name

        protected final String name
        Name of the class/field.
      • type

        protected final StoreData.Type type
        Type of data being stored (FCO, SCO).
      • metadata

        protected MetaData metadata
        Metadata for the class, or member (join table) depending on what this represents.
      • interfaceName

        protected String interfaceName
        Name of the persistent interface, when this represents one. Otherwise null.
      • table

        protected Table table
      • properties

        protected Map<String,​Object> properties
        Extension props. Available for store manager to save additional info if required.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StoreData

        public StoreData​(String name,
                         MetaData metadata,
                         StoreData.Type type,
                         String interfaceName)
        name - Fully-qualified name of the class/member.
        metadata - MetaData for the class or field (if available)
        type - Type of data (FCO/SCO)
        interfaceName - Name of persistent-interface being implemented
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Accessor for fully-qualified class/member name.
        Returns the class/field name.
      • getMetaData

        public MetaData getMetaData()
        Accessor for class/field meta data.
        Returns the class/field meta data.
      • setMetaData

        public void setMetaData​(MetaData md)
        Method to set the MetaData for this class.
        md - MetaData
      • isFCO

        public boolean isFCO()
        Accessor for whether this represents FCO data.
        Whether it is FCO
      • isSCO

        public boolean isSCO()
        Accessor for whether this represents SCO data.
        Whether it is SCO.
      • getType

        public StoreData.Type getType()
        Accessor for type.
        Returns the type.
      • getInterfaceName

        public String getInterfaceName()
        Accessor for the persistent interface name
        Returns the persistent interface name
      • setTable

        public void setTable​(Table tbl)
      • getTable

        public Table getTable()
        Accessor for the generic Table for this class/member (if the store plugin supports generic Tables).
        The table associated with this class/member
      • addProperty

        public void addProperty​(String key,
                                Object value)
      • getProperties

        public Map<String,​Object> getProperties()
        Accessor for extension props, if utilised by the store manager.
        Extension props
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Method to return this class/field managed object as a string.
        toString in class Object
        String version of this class/field managed object.