Class DiscriminatorMetaData

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    public class DiscriminatorMetaData
    extends MetaData
    Representation of a discriminator in an inheritance strategy. Three strategies are supported
    • *value-map* - where we define a value for each class as the discriminator value
    • *class-name* - where we use the class name as the discriminator value
    • *value-map-entity-name* - where we use the "entity" name as the discriminator value
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    • Field Detail

      • columnName

        protected String columnName
        Column name of discriminator
      • columnMetaData

        protected ColumnMetaData columnMetaData
        Discriminator column
      • value

        protected String value
        Value for discriminator column, when using VALUE_MAP.
      • indexed

        protected IndexedValue indexed
        Whether the discriminator is indexed or not and whether it is unique
      • indexMetaData

        protected IndexMetaData indexMetaData
        Detail of any indexing of the discriminator column (optional).
    • Constructor Detail

      • DiscriminatorMetaData

        public DiscriminatorMetaData()
      • DiscriminatorMetaData

        public DiscriminatorMetaData​(DiscriminatorMetaData dmd)
        Copy constructor.
        dmd - DiscriminatorMetaData to copy
    • Method Detail

      • initialise

        public void initialise​(ClassLoaderResolver clr)
        Initialisation method. This should be called AFTER using the populate method if you are going to use populate. It creates the internal convenience arrays etc needed for normal operation.
        initialise in class MetaData
        clr - Not used
      • getColumnMetaData

        public ColumnMetaData getColumnMetaData()
        Accessor for column MetaData.
        Returns the column MetaData.
      • setColumnMetaData

        public void setColumnMetaData​(ColumnMetaData columnMetaData)
        Mutator for column MetaData.
        columnMetaData - The column MetaData to set.
      • newColumnMetaData

        public ColumnMetaData newColumnMetaData()
        Method to create a new ColumnMetaData, add it, and return it.
        The Column metadata
      • getIndexMetaData

        public final IndexMetaData getIndexMetaData()
        Accessor for indexMetaData
        Returns the indexMetaData.
      • setIndexMetaData

        public final void setIndexMetaData​(IndexMetaData indexMetaData)
        Mutator for the index MetaData
        indexMetaData - The indexMetaData to set.
      • newIndexMetaData

        public IndexMetaData newIndexMetaData()
        Method to create a new Index metadata, add it, and return it.
        The Index metadata
      • getValue

        public String getValue()
      • getColumnName

        public String getColumnName()