Class JoinMetaData

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, ColumnMetaDataContainer

    public class JoinMetaData
    extends MetaData
    implements ColumnMetaDataContainer
    Secondary tables and join tables are mapped using a join condition that associates a column or columns in the secondary or join table with a column or columns in the primary table, typically the primary tables primary key columns. Column elements used for relationship mapping or join conditions specify the column name and optionally the target column name. The target column name is the name of the column in the associated table corresponding to the named column. The target column name is optional when the target column is the single primary key column of the associated table.
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • foreignKeyMetaData

        protected ForeignKeyMetaData foreignKeyMetaData
        the foreign-key element.
      • indexMetaData

        protected IndexMetaData indexMetaData
        the index element.
      • uniqueMetaData

        protected UniqueMetaData uniqueMetaData
        the unique element.
      • outer

        protected boolean outer
        if is outer join. Outer joins return all elements from at least one of the sides joined.
      • table

        protected String table
        the table name.
      • catalog

        protected String catalog
        the catalog name.
      • schema

        protected String schema
        the schema name.
      • indexed

        protected IndexedValue indexed
        The indexing value
      • unique

        protected boolean unique
        Whether to add a unique constraint.
      • columnName

        protected String columnName
    • Constructor Detail

      • JoinMetaData

        public JoinMetaData()
      • JoinMetaData

        public JoinMetaData​(JoinMetaData joinmd)
        Copy constructor.
        joinmd - Metadata to copy
    • Method Detail

      • initialise

        public void initialise​(ClassLoaderResolver clr)
        Method to initialise the object, creating internal convenience arrays. Initialises all sub-objects.
        initialise in class MetaData
        clr - Not used
      • newColumnMetaData

        public ColumnMetaData newColumnMetaData()
        Method to create a new column metadata, add it, and return it.
        The column metadata
      • isOuter

        public final boolean isOuter()
      • setOuter

        public JoinMetaData setOuter​(boolean outer)
      • getDeleteAction

        public String getDeleteAction()
      • isUnique

        public boolean isUnique()
      • setUnique

        public JoinMetaData setUnique​(boolean unique)
      • getTable

        public final String getTable()
      • getCatalog

        public final String getCatalog()
      • getSchema

        public final String getSchema()
      • getColumnName

        public final String getColumnName()
      • getIndexMetaData

        public final IndexMetaData getIndexMetaData()
        Returns the indexMetaData.
      • getUniqueMetaData

        public final UniqueMetaData getUniqueMetaData()
        Returns the uniquexMetaData.
      • getForeignKeyMetaData

        public final ForeignKeyMetaData getForeignKeyMetaData()
        Returns the foreignKeyMetaData.
      • getPrimaryKeyMetaData

        public final PrimaryKeyMetaData getPrimaryKeyMetaData()
        Accessor for primaryKeyMetaData
        Returns the primaryKey MetaData.
      • setForeignKeyMetaData

        public final void setForeignKeyMetaData​(ForeignKeyMetaData foreignKeyMetaData)
        foreignKeyMetaData - The foreignKeyMetaData to set.
      • newForeignKeyMetaData

        public ForeignKeyMetaData newForeignKeyMetaData()
        Method to create a new FK metadata, set to use it, and return it.
        The FK metadata
      • setIndexMetaData

        public final void setIndexMetaData​(IndexMetaData indexMetaData)
        indexMetaData - The indexMetaData to set.
      • newIndexMetaData

        public IndexMetaData newIndexMetaData()
        Method to create a new index metadata, set to use it, and return it.
        The index metadata
      • setUniqueMetaData

        public final void setUniqueMetaData​(UniqueMetaData uniqueMetaData)
        uniqueMetaData - The uniqueMetaData to set.
      • newUniqueMetaData

        public UniqueMetaData newUniqueMetaData()
        Method to create a new unique metadata, set to use it, and return it.
        The unique metadata
      • setPrimaryKeyMetaData

        public final void setPrimaryKeyMetaData​(PrimaryKeyMetaData primaryKeyMetaData)
        Mutator for the PrimaryKey MetaData.
        primaryKeyMetaData - The PrimaryKey MetaData to set.
      • newPrimaryKeyMetaData

        public PrimaryKeyMetaData newPrimaryKeyMetaData()
        Method to create a new PK metadata, set to use it, and return it.
        The PK metadata