Class OrderMetaData

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, ColumnMetaDataContainer

    public class OrderMetaData
    extends MetaData
    implements ColumnMetaDataContainer
    Representation of Order MetaData - the ordering of the elements of a List. This caters for 2 types of List.
    • indexed list where we add a (surrogate) index column
    • ordered list like in JPA where we use some ordering clause when retrieving (also as extension in JDO)
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • columnName

        protected String columnName
        The name of the column (if specified as input)
      • indexMetaData

        protected IndexMetaData indexMetaData
      • indexed

        protected IndexedValue indexed
        The indexing value specified as input.
      • mappedBy

        protected String mappedBy
        Name of the field in the element that is the ordering field.
      • ordering

        protected String ordering
        Ordering when using an "ordered list" where the elements are retrieved in a particular order.
      • fieldOrders

        protected OrderMetaData.FieldOrder[] fieldOrders
        Ordering of fields (when using "ordered List"), splitting the "ordering" apart by comma-separated parts.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OrderMetaData

        public OrderMetaData​(OrderMetaData omd)
        Copy constructor.
        omd - The metadata to copy
      • OrderMetaData

        public OrderMetaData()