Interface ManagedConnection

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    public interface ManagedConnection
    Wrapper for a connection to the datastore, allowing management. A connection is handed out using
    , and returned using
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      • getConnection

        Object getConnection()
        Accessor for the datastore connection.
        The underlying connection for this datastore
      • release

        void release()
        Method to release the datastore connection back. Will have been handed out with a getConnection(). This may trigger a commit() of the connection depending on its operating mode at the time.
      • setCommitOnRelease

        void setCommitOnRelease​(boolean commit)
      • setCloseOnRelease

        void setCloseOnRelease​(boolean close)
      • commitOnRelease

        boolean commitOnRelease()
      • closeOnRelease

        boolean closeOnRelease()
      • getXAResource

        XAResource getXAResource()
        An XAResoure for this datastore connection. Returns null if the connection is not usable in an XA sense
        The XAResource
      • isLocked

        boolean isLocked()
      • lock

        void lock()
      • unlock

        void unlock()
      • addListener

        void addListener​(ManagedConnectionResourceListener listener)
        Registers a ManagedConnectionResourceListener to be notified of events.
        listener - The listener
      • removeListener

        void removeListener​(ManagedConnectionResourceListener listener)
        Deregister a ManagedConnectionResourceListener.
        listener - The listener
      • closeAfterTransactionEnd

        boolean closeAfterTransactionEnd()
        Convenience method for whether this connection should be closed after the end of transaction. In DN 2.x, 3.0, 3.1 this was always true, and a connection lasted until txn commit, and then had to get a new connection. In DN 3.2+ this is configurable per datastore connection factory.
        Whether the ConnectionManager should call close() on it when a txn ends
      • setSavepoint

        void setSavepoint​(String name)
        Set this position in the txn as a savepoint with the provided name (if supported, otherwise do nothing).
        name - Name of savepoint
      • releaseSavepoint

        void releaseSavepoint​(String name)
        Release the named savepoint (or do nothing if not supported).
        name - Name of savepoint
      • rollbackToSavepoint

        void rollbackToSavepoint​(String name)
        Rollback the connection to the named savepoint (or do nothing if not supported).
        name - Name of savepoint