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Why Use DataNucleus ?

Choosing a Java data management platform will come down to your requirements in terms of cost, functionality, support, etc.

DataNucleus is not part of the Apache project because

Used By

DataNucleus is used by many companies and groups in their own software. Below are a short subset of those publicisable.

AppEngine VMForce IBM Tivoli Yahoo Roma Framework Colibri JFire Metamicro Travelmuse HP Livestream GE StepAhead Software Ridgetop Seismic Exchange Apache HIVE Apache ISIS BMC Lockheed Wildbook Cisco Systems Google

Publicise Your Usage

Have you benefited from DataNucleus and want to publicise your use of it ? You can do this in two ways

Write a Testimonial

Why not write a short testimonal of your usage of DataNucleus. Maybe start by explaining the problem and what you needed to do. Then explain how DataNucleus addresses what you need, and how you solved any problems that came up. You dont need to go into great detail. Then please contact us at info [AT] datanucleus [DOT] org

Website links

You can also help by putting one of our logos on your site with a link back to our website. That way DataNucleus gets publicity and others can benefit. This way the project will flourish with only a small effort from you. Below are some logos for your use. Should you have any particular requirements for logo sizes, please contact us.

DataNucleus project logos

Logo1 Logo2

DataNucleus AccessPlatform logos

Logo1 Logo2


DataNucleus wishes to thank the hosts for our site. Nightlabs supported the predecessor to DataNucleus (JPOX) virtually from its inception in 2003, and they also provided hosting for DataNucleus until May 2013. (former NightLabs personnel) provide hosting for DataNucleus from May 2013.

DataNucleus also wishes to thank the companies/developers who have granted our project use of their great software/services allowing us to work much quicker and in a more enjoyable way. GitHub

We would also like to thank for providing a great CSS drop-down menu capability used on some of our docs.