DataNucleus Free Support

With any software, there are times when you need assistance to make full use of it. Here at DataNucleus we want you to make the best of the software that we provide. For that reason we provide both commercial and free support facilities. DataNucleus provides its own Forum providing a place for you to discuss issues you are having. We dont guarantee to provide answers on this forum. It is simply a place where you could get some level of support when people have time. This may not be adequate for some people hence why we provide the commercial version below.

  1. Check the Documentation for DataNucleus AccessPlatform before anything else. The answer is usually there, either in a tutorial/example, or in one of the many guides. Yes I know you cant be bothered, but then this is where you can do things for yourself.
  2. Look in the DataNucleus LOG. This usually contains a lot of information that may answer the issue. You can always configure the log to give more output.
  3. Try a recent build to see if your version is out of date and the expected result is achieved with the latest nightly builds.
  4. Go to the DataNucleus Forum of DataNucleus on Gitter and ask. Always try to give as clear a description of the problem as possible, together with your input data, and any associated log output. Please be aware that we have very little time for this type of support and contributors to DataNucleus are more likely to get any available free support
  5. If you dont want to report the problem to us as in step 4 then go over to Stackoverflow and post a question tagged as DataNucleus. We dont provide support over there but you may find people who have experience of your situation to help you.

DataNucleus Commercial Services


DataNucleus is open source software, also providing good documentation and (public) test cases. As a result your team could, in principle, train themselves up on the software using the documentation and tests as basis, then when they come across problems look through the code and debug problems and/or develop new features. Often though you dont have the time to devote to such activities so would prefer to out source this aspect of your project. The developers of DataNucleus are flexible to finding a support solution that meets your needs. You cannot get better value and a higher level of DataNucleus experience than from us. Our various commercial services are defined below complete with pricing (note that all prices are in UK pounds (GBP) symbolised by the £ symbol)

Time-based Consulting

DataNucleus developers can provide remote consulting using Email/IRC/IM/Skype to provide you with the response when you need it to tackle the issues impacting on your project. This type of support is where questions come up during your deployment of DataNucleus and you need to ask questions for particular situations. You can pay by the hour as and when you need it, when a developer is available.

Cost : 5 hours = £270, 10 hours = £520, 20 hours = £1000, 40 hours = £1950, 50 hours = £2450. Purchase of larger number of hours also available. Contact Us for details. Note that all amounts are specified in GBP (symbolised by the £ symbol)


DataNucleus developers can provide a level of longer term support to meet your requirements, and rather than having fixed off-the-shelf arrangements we prefer to tailor them to your needs. Below we outline some typical options that could suit your needs. We cannot guarantee the availability of incident support for all problems because some problems are simply too complicated to resolve easily; the majority of problems quickly point to where the problem is, and what can be done about them, whereas things like some large query syntax is simply not resolvable into a single SQL query so we may not be able to provide what you need in that case. Contact Us for details.

  • General Support for the most common issues on API usage, defect reporting and bug fixing. Its available for free and on availability on our online forums though has absolutely no guarantee of availability. If you want to receive support when it is needed, then consider the options below
  • Incident Support for dedicated support for a single incident.
  • Bronze/Gold Support for dedicate support covering multiple incidents over an extended period.
Feature General
Software supported AccessPlatform AccessPlatform AccessPlatform AccessPlatform
Support via Public Forum
Support via Email
Support via Phone
Usage Support
Design Support
Priority Bug Fix
New Feature Support
Languages English English, Spanish English, Spanish English, Spanish
Support Days N/A Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
Max Response Time No limit 3 days 2 days 2 days
Number of incidents N/A 1 4 8
Support validity N/A 1 month 6 months 1 year
Price (without tax) Free £350 £1200 [1] £2200 [2]
  • [1] subsequent incidents charged at £250 each
  • [2] subsequent incidents charged at £230 each

Note that all amounts are specified in GBP (symbolised by the £ symbol)


There are many clients to whom DataNucleus developers have provided services. Below are a small subset.

Nightlabs Metamicro BMC Transcore Yahoo W4 General Electric Lockheed Martin Seismic Exchange LiveStream Cisco Systems Google DAT