Class InheritanceMetaData

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    public class InheritanceMetaData
    extends MetaData
    Representation of the Meta-Data defining inherited classes.
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        public static final String INHERITANCE_TREE_STRATEGY_TABLE_PER_CLASS
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        public static final String INHERITANCE_TREE_STRATEGY_SINGLE_TABLE
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      • joinMetaData

        protected JoinMetaData joinMetaData
        JoinMetaData element.
      • discriminatorMetaData

        protected DiscriminatorMetaData discriminatorMetaData
        DiscriminatorMetaData element.
      • strategyForTree

        protected String strategyForTree
        Strategy to apply for the whole inheritance tree. Optional, used by JPA.
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      • InheritanceMetaData

        public InheritanceMetaData()
        Default constructor. Set any fields using setters, before populate().