Interface ConnectionFactory

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    public interface ConnectionFactory
    Factory for connections to the datastore. To be implemented by all StoreManagers.
    • Method Detail

      • createManagedConnection

        ManagedConnection createManagedConnection​(ExecutionContext ec,
                                                  Map<String,​Object> transactionOptions)
        Create the ManagedConnection. Only used by ConnectionManager so do not call this.
        ec - ExecutionContext that the connection is bound to during its lifecycle (if any)
        transactionOptions - the Transaction options this connection will be enlisted to, null if non existent
        The ManagedConnection.
      • close

        void close()
        Release any resources that have been allocated.
      • getResourceType

        String getResourceType()
        Type of resource that this ConnectionFactory represents. See ConnectionResourceType.
        Resource type ("JTA", "RESOURCE_LOCAL")
      • getResourceName

        String getResourceName()
        Accessor for the resource name (e.g "jdbc/tx").
        The resource name